Bandage pieces

So I have recently got some lovely pieces of clothing that come under the trend of 'bandage' - I had this school party thing to which I wore a dress from Guess that, in my opinion, could pass for an Hervé Léger dress. SCORE. And my mum also got me a tight cropped bandage top from French Connection that I fell in love with! Yay for mothers! I wore it to a family dinner thing - York & Albany has the most amazing pizzas. Go and omnomnom on dat shiz.

I have some photos, but not proper ones - may be if I ever start to actually carry out these shoots I keep promising... So all I have are disposables, photo booth prints and iPhone photos. Speaking of iPhones, I FRICKIN LOST MINE. Stupid me, I know. I FEEL SO LOST. GAH.


French Connection top (avec ma cousine)
Guess dress (you can kinda see it... but not really.)

I had such a great time at both events :)
Hope you enjoyed reading!

Shine, baby, shine.

Criss-Crosses and Hoods

So the sales are on and UO is having the BEST SALE EVER and I couldn't resist purchasing some nice things...

The hoodie was reduced from £38 to £18 and the top was reduced from £52 to £25. BARGAINS. I also got a white tea dress with a bit of crochet-like detail but it must be sold out online as I couldn't find it again on the website.

I would pair the hoodie with a flowy feminine skirt to contrast and create an edge! The top was too cool not to buy, and the dress is perfect for summer. All in all, great buys :)

Talk to you guys soon :)

"I am just too close to love you..."

"...there's nothing I can really say. I can't lie no more, I can't hide no more, got to be true to myself."

Too Close by Alex Clare (his album, Lateness of the Hour, is freakin' riDONKulous. Go get it. Gon. Do it.)

Second outfit (yes, I did purchase those Zara shorts I talked about...):

Come over to LookBook and hype this if you got an account - I would love you forEVAH :)

Shine, baby, shine. 

"Steady As The Stars..."

" the woods. So happy-hearted, and the warmth rang true inside these bones."

From Old Pine by Ben Howard (seeing him in November! SQUEEE :D)

ANYHOO, I thought I'd post some outfits that I wore in my May half term trip to my home-away-from-home in Spain. Here's the first one - if you have a LookBook account, go on over and hype this up for me? Pretty please? I would be eternally grateful (like those little green alien toys in Toy Story).

Hope you like it :)

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