70s Cleopatra

So I bought this headband from Topshop as I thought it would make my hair look better when it's middle-parted (if i middle-part my hair, I usually end up looking like a noob. Me no like.) I think it's awesome, and it kinda makes me look like a hippie and/or Cleopatra... But I like it. I'd like to curl my hair or something and see what it looks like...

I don't know when I'll wear it, maybe during summer or in my next holiday to Spain :)

Shine, baby, shine.

Swans and Seashells, Blazers and Beige

So I went shopping, like I said in my previous post, and here are my purchases:

The swan cropped bralet-y top and the seashell-y patterned maxi skirt are from Topshop, and the blazer and beige trousers are from Urban Oufitters.

The blazer and trousers go really well together, and so does the bralet and trousers, so I'm going to have fun mixing and matching! The skirt, I thought, was perfect for my next holiday (I leave on Saturday - Hola, España, ¿qué tal?) and I love the colours on it.

I had a £20 voucher for each shop, AND I used my student discount, so overall, I think I saved around £55, which is awesome.

If I get round to it, I may post me in these clothes, but ya know me, miss middle-name-is-procrastination....

See ya soon :)

High Heels, High Hopes

I went to South Bank here in London with my friends Helena and Alice yesterday (names changed for random purposes) and we had such a nice day. We wandered down the bank of the Thames, had lunch at Giraffe (I had a full english breakfast... yes, for lunch. It was nommy.), then debated going on the London Eye or going on a boat ride. Since they both took an hour to do, we decided instead to go to Covent Garden for some shopping - can't go wrong with shopping!

We went to H&M and Urban Outfitters - I got some nice things at Henny's (I'm saving any Urban Outfitters expenditure for today when I'm going shopping AGAIN with my friends, as I have a voucher from mah bday :D). Here are my buys:

I've been wanting that High Heels, High Hopes top for SO LONG so I'm glad I finally got it - I mean, the saying is just so true, no? ;)
I also love the beaded collar on the second top - I seem to be into statement collars and button downs recently... 

Us being silly in UO - most awesome sunglasses ever though.
I'll be buying some lovely things today as well hopefully, so I shall be posting again very soon!
Shine, my lovelies, shine.

Tuesday Pt 2: Watchin' The Throne

After my day with my mum, which I talk about in my last post, I then went to Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne Tour and I'm going to say this: DAT. SHIT. CRAY.

It was so amazingly mind-blowing and insane and GAH, can't even describe. Jay-Z has the most swag I have ever seen on a person. Period. Even more than JBiebs. (hahaha had to slip that in there ;P)
The bass BOOMED and all the audio from what I filmed on my Olympus camera went all fuzzy because it couldn't compute the swag. Srsly.

I also got this shirt as a souvenir - my sister and I usually get programs (we kinda collect them) but for some reason, Jay and Ye must have decided they were too cool for dat shiz, so they didn't have programs at all. 
I saw this shirt on the merch stand and though I HAD TO HAVE IT. I'd been looking for an american flag shirt for a while now, and when I saw this, I thought it was great as not only did it have an american flag (that didn't look naff) on it, it also had WATCH THE THRONE on the back. Absolute perfection. 
I've bought some studs from Studs & Punks to put on the shoulders because I think it'd add another edgy factor to the tee. I got the inspiration from Clothes Encounters - Jen does a tutorial on studding :)

I had SUCH an amazing time, and I can't wait for the next concert I go to, even if it's just for the atmosphere! I think the next concert I'm going to is Ben Howard - if ya don't know 'im, look 'im up! (Quite a music style change from Jay and Ye, but still really good!)

Thanks for reading - see ya soon, my lovelies :)

Tuesday Pt 1: Ballgowns and Black Boots

So on Tuesday, I went to the V&A Museum here in London, with my mother, and we had a great time. There's a new exhibition on at the moment called Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950 and there were some absolutely gorgeous dresses there. Some of my favourites included designers such as Marchesa, Alexander McQueen, and sooo many others :) I highly recommend going if you're in London for the next few weeks!

We then went to Harrods, which was literally just around the corner, and I got these lovely black zip up ankle boots from Kurt Geiger - I've been needing some leather ones for a while because all my other small-heeled black shoes are suede and not suitable for unpredictable English weather... Although, recently, the weather has been looking up; the sun's coming out from its cloudy duvet.. :)
Anyway, I really like the zip up the side, and how the tassel is quite long. It was almost fate that I went to Harrods and got these exact pair that day as the man who helped us said that these were previously sold out in small sizes (im a 37/8), and that only today had he gotten this one pair in a size 37, AND they had been reduced by £70! SCORE.

Thanks for reading! See you next time :)

Shine, baby, shine.


So I went out shopping again, because I had some left over birthday monays, and bought some new nice things. :) The title is 'Luxurious' because I watched a clothesencounters video (if you don't know what that is, I direct you to this post) and Jen described her flowy white blouse as 'luxurious' so I thought it fit as the shirt I bought fits that description well.

The shirt is a white blouse that has a long asymmetrical draping back, with a racer back cutout - I love it so much. And the shorts are black sequined, and are tiny, for going out and wanting that extra little wow factor.

I would usually do up the top button of the blouse and add some cool necklaces, layering a few to get a cool vibe. Add a dark red lip, and you're set!

Talk to you guys soon :)

Zara Love

I love Zara. If I had more monays, I would buy out that shop. Srsly. I was in the airport a few weeks ago, on my way to America, and there was a Zara there that was much cheaper than normal due to the duty free-ness of airports - OH THE JOY. I bought this dress that I am IN LOVE with and I think I may wear it to this family and friends dinner thing this saturday. I'm excited.

I'd also quite like to get these shorts - I just adore the pattern - absolutely gorgeous. They'd go well with my sleeveless white shirt with a studded collar (Urban Outfitters), or my bright pink sleeveless shirt with little gold clips on the collar (Zara), topped off with my cropped(ish) black blazer (Zara) and some wedges.

I may post some photos of me actually in the dress, but knowing me, I probably won't get round to it... Damn my forgetful-ness, and can't-be-bothered-to-do-it-ness....

See ya soon, my lovelies :) 

[EDIT: this didn't post last Thursday, for some reason, so actually, the dinner's already happened etc. and I didn't take a picture of the dress, as I predicted... Oh well. Maybe next time [but probably not :P])

Clothes Encounters

OMG OMG OMG don't know how I've only just discovered this, but Jen Im? I WANT TO BE YOU. *breathe* Okay, so now that I've calmed down minutely, I shall explain. A friend asked me if I watched Clothes Encounters on YouTube, to which my response was a confused 'no.' She then proceeded to say that I 'NEEDED to watch' these videos since I was (apparently) 'so similar' to this girl, so which I replied a slightly wary 'okay...'

I went home, merrily typed in 'clothes encounters' in the search bar, clicked on a video, and proceeded to despair as I could never EVER be as cool and stylish as the girl I found. Jen Im? Now, one of my key my fashion role models. Srsly.

Her style is INSANE and AWESOME and GAH I can't even describe....
She used to do Clothes Encounters with a girl called Sarah Chu, but then Jen moved away and so she flies solo now, though Sarah is sorely missed. :)

Jen has some awesome styling tips, and all her clothes are gorgeous - though if ya ask me, she'd look good in anything, including a trash bag... :P

Here are some cool-ass images:

(in love with the last picture, from one of her videos on her everyday makeup look - her hair, her lip colour, her studs, the pale blue, GAH....)

So go check out her YouTube channel, and her blog - I'm sure you'll love it, if you don't already!

(links to the sites I nabbed some of the above images from [all don't belong to me]: davidmcortes and felishatolentino)

Hope you enjoyed :)
See ya soon, my lovelies ∆

New purchase excitement

So I recently went shopping with mah friend, whom I shall call Bea, and we went to the trusty ol' Urban Outfitters, a.k.a. my home away from home, and I gots myself some nice things:

The two look great together, and even greater with a cropped denim jacket, and a bright pink lip.

I've been wearing the skirt too much, but I can't help it - I love it so much, and it's lovely and flattering, if I do say so myself...

I also think these new Steve Madden shoes I bought on my recent trip to New York would go well with this outfit:

They have a neon pink sole which I adore - they're a bit uncomfortable right now, but I'm sure once I break them in, they'll be snug as a bug!

Now, I want a pair of slipper type shoes, but with studs on them - they'd look amazing with my neon pink and bright orange jeans... 

Thanks for reading and I'll keep you posted on my whereabouts and doings, not that you care all that much... ;P

Farewell, ∆.

Chloe Moretz

I'm in love with this girl, AND her style. I first loved her in the film Kick Ass, also starring the yummy Aaron Johnson, and I recently saw her in Dark Shadows, with the ever-awesome Johnny Depp, which I also loved her in, even though the film as a whole didn't actually do much for me (but hey, just mah opinion). Check this girl out if ya don't know her - she's awesome - she seems like she would be an awesome friend as well!

in Stella McCartney

in Versus

in Christopher Kane

in Alexander McQueen

As always, the last one is my favourite - I mean, where can you go wrong with some McQueen? And I also want that chain belt... May have to do some DIY soon. ;)

Hope you all had a good day, and see you soon!

Shine, baby, shine. ∆

The Met Gala 2012

So as most of you would know, the Met Gala happened last night. And as all bloggers who are interested in fashion would do, Imma post some of mah faves! Here we go...

Rosie Huntington Whiteley in Burberry

Rihanna in Tom Ford

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior Couture

Renée Zellweger in Emilio Pucci

Carey Mulligan in Prada

Yeah, all these images taken from the RCFA website - they got some awesome stuff on dere.

Hope you guys liked these as much as moi - who were your faves?

Shine, baby, shine. ∆

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