High Heels, High Hopes

I went to South Bank here in London with my friends Helena and Alice yesterday (names changed for random purposes) and we had such a nice day. We wandered down the bank of the Thames, had lunch at Giraffe (I had a full english breakfast... yes, for lunch. It was nommy.), then debated going on the London Eye or going on a boat ride. Since they both took an hour to do, we decided instead to go to Covent Garden for some shopping - can't go wrong with shopping!

We went to H&M and Urban Outfitters - I got some nice things at Henny's (I'm saving any Urban Outfitters expenditure for today when I'm going shopping AGAIN with my friends, as I have a voucher from mah bday :D). Here are my buys:

I've been wanting that High Heels, High Hopes top for SO LONG so I'm glad I finally got it - I mean, the saying is just so true, no? ;)
I also love the beaded collar on the second top - I seem to be into statement collars and button downs recently... 

Us being silly in UO - most awesome sunglasses ever though.
I'll be buying some lovely things today as well hopefully, so I shall be posting again very soon!
Shine, my lovelies, shine.

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