Clothes Encounters

OMG OMG OMG don't know how I've only just discovered this, but Jen Im? I WANT TO BE YOU. *breathe* Okay, so now that I've calmed down minutely, I shall explain. A friend asked me if I watched Clothes Encounters on YouTube, to which my response was a confused 'no.' She then proceeded to say that I 'NEEDED to watch' these videos since I was (apparently) 'so similar' to this girl, so which I replied a slightly wary 'okay...'

I went home, merrily typed in 'clothes encounters' in the search bar, clicked on a video, and proceeded to despair as I could never EVER be as cool and stylish as the girl I found. Jen Im? Now, one of my key my fashion role models. Srsly.

Her style is INSANE and AWESOME and GAH I can't even describe....
She used to do Clothes Encounters with a girl called Sarah Chu, but then Jen moved away and so she flies solo now, though Sarah is sorely missed. :)

Jen has some awesome styling tips, and all her clothes are gorgeous - though if ya ask me, she'd look good in anything, including a trash bag... :P

Here are some cool-ass images:

(in love with the last picture, from one of her videos on her everyday makeup look - her hair, her lip colour, her studs, the pale blue, GAH....)

So go check out her YouTube channel, and her blog - I'm sure you'll love it, if you don't already!

(links to the sites I nabbed some of the above images from [all don't belong to me]: davidmcortes and felishatolentino)

Hope you enjoyed :)
See ya soon, my lovelies ∆

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