Tuesday Pt 2: Watchin' The Throne

After my day with my mum, which I talk about in my last post, I then went to Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne Tour and I'm going to say this: DAT. SHIT. CRAY.

It was so amazingly mind-blowing and insane and GAH, can't even describe. Jay-Z has the most swag I have ever seen on a person. Period. Even more than JBiebs. (hahaha had to slip that in there ;P)
The bass BOOMED and all the audio from what I filmed on my Olympus camera went all fuzzy because it couldn't compute the swag. Srsly.

I also got this shirt as a souvenir - my sister and I usually get programs (we kinda collect them) but for some reason, Jay and Ye must have decided they were too cool for dat shiz, so they didn't have programs at all. 
I saw this shirt on the merch stand and though I HAD TO HAVE IT. I'd been looking for an american flag shirt for a while now, and when I saw this, I thought it was great as not only did it have an american flag (that didn't look naff) on it, it also had WATCH THE THRONE on the back. Absolute perfection. 
I've bought some studs from Studs & Punks to put on the shoulders because I think it'd add another edgy factor to the tee. I got the inspiration from Clothes Encounters - Jen does a tutorial on studding :)

I had SUCH an amazing time, and I can't wait for the next concert I go to, even if it's just for the atmosphere! I think the next concert I'm going to is Ben Howard - if ya don't know 'im, look 'im up! (Quite a music style change from Jay and Ye, but still really good!)

Thanks for reading - see ya soon, my lovelies :)

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