Pusher Love Girl - JT

I had time to do a quick outfit shoot whilst I was at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (Easter holiday with the family). 

I feel like the top is quite Rihanna-like. It was a purchase from the airport - duty free, b*tches!

Also, Justin Timberlake's new album is the shiznit. Go check it out :)

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Hope you liked it!


Taste My Sad - Bear//Face

Another look from the park shoot - it was freezing when I was trying to discreetly get changed... May or may not have flashed some passers by... ANYWAY *awkward turtle*. 

Here are just some photos from that shoot - shot by Alexandra Tsoi (as always). The shirt and necklace were new purchases from UO - I can't say enough how addicted I am to that place. If I stay in London for uni, I'm hoping to get a saturday job there or something - any kinds of discount would be OSSUM. Just waiting on the actual uni to respond though... Fingers crossed! :)

Things have been kinda rough personally recently, but the song title I've chosen for this look (Taste My Sad) doesn't actually reflect my mood - instead of trying to wallow in my sadness, I'm trying to keep positive and move forward - keep that in mind if you're going through a tough time too! Smile, keep your friends and family close, and keep your chin up :)

Anyway, on to the photos:

and I changed my header of my blog to this - hope you like it :)

Hope you enjoy this look - come check it out on lookbook if you have an account/get the chance!


One Less Lonely Girl 08/03/13

Hey guys. So crazy news. I was Justin Bieber's One Less Lonely Girl at his last concert in London last Friday. *cue screams* AAAARRRGGHHHHHHH AAAARRRRRR OOMMMGGGGG 

*ahem* Excuse me. So yes, it was a HUGE shock and I still can't really believe it! My Twitter followers have become 4/5 beliebers, but still, thanks to everyone who followed me! If you haven't yet, my username is libbytsoi10, if you'd like to. You're all so nice :) I can also say that I have now officially been impersonated on Twitter - a random person with username @ollgdrama was pretending to be me... So strange and weird! O.o but people were nice and realised the account was fake, so hopefully the person gets the idea and stops.
Also, thanks to everyone who complimented me on my shirt or in general - you're all so lovely, I can't begin to describe :)

For any photos, follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@withthestarsinmyreach) :) or if you have any photos of me on stage, I would be so grateful if you could tweet me about it, and we could sort out a way to get them to me - thanks so much!

So I've had people asking me several questions, and most of them have been the same, so I thought I'd do a little Q&A to get everything down :)

Q) Where were you seated?
A) In the O2 Arena, I was seated block 111, row 3, seat 354 or something - not floor, but level 1.

Q) How did you get picked?
A) Well a woman just tapped me on the shoulder, having pushed past several people on my row, and asked if I wanted to go on stage with Justin Bieber, and I said 'HELL TO THE YES', obviously.

Q) Do you have any advice on how to get picked?
A) Not really - it really is just a matter of chance - it's not about your looks/outfit or where you're sitting (though I guess nearer the front is probably more likely to get you picked). According to the woman who picked me, she just picks girls that catch her eye, and look like they're having loads of fun :)

Q) What did your top say?
A) It said 'Leave the boy alone' - a shirt by the brand BOY London :) It wasn't worn on purpose, but when I got there, I realised I may have subconsciously worn it in support ;) haha

Q) What was Justin like? Did he say anything to you?
A) He was awesome (as you can expect) but we didn't get a chance to talk at all because he had to go straight back on stage. We didn't get a photo backstage either, but honestly, I don't care! haha

Q) I heard you got free tickets, and this was pre-planned. Is this true?
A) No this is not true at all - I paid full price tickets, and it was as much a shock and surprise to me as it was to anybody!

Q) Are you asian? If so, where are you from?
A) Yes, I'm asian. I was born here in London, but my parents are from Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Q) How old are you?
A) 17 :) (18 in May :D)

So that's all the questions I can think of right now - tweet me if you have any more! I may vlog about this soon on my YouTube channel (TeaWithTheQueenTV) so look out for that :)

Some photos from wonderful people on twitter:

Srsly looks like he's about to propose... IF ONLY.

See you next time,


The Mother We Share - CHVRCHES

So it's been absolutely ages since I last posted but I'm just getting back into the swing of things, so bear with me!

I recently did a mad shopping haul and I thought it was time to update my lookbook and such, so a photoshoot was in order! (I also have to do this for my art coursework, but that's not as fun...)

I also got a blue/turquoise/purple dip dye, and I wanted to document it before it started to fade and look nasty...

Hope you enjoy the photos :) Photography by Alexandra Tsoi (my awesome sister)

me being so cool and all 'ye bruv i own dis park. and wot.' ... don't judge me.

Until next time, my lovelies :)


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