State of Grace [Acoustic]

"This is a state of grace. This is the worthwhile fight. Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right."

- Taylor Swift

This look was from about 2 weeks ago, but I went to Kavos in between (yes, Kavos. yes, I survived. yes, I actually had tons of fun.) so here it is now!

The weekend I took these was a jam-packed weekend. My sister and I had a wedding to go on the Sunday, but had booked to go to V Festival for the whole weekend. Luckily, we caught Beyoncé (my queen) on the Saturday night, and rushed over to the wedding on Sunday morning, where we filmed the whole ceremony and reception as a gift for the bride and groom (our very close family friends). I'll link the video some time soon - my sister and I are very proud of it!

Then on the Monday, we filmed a video for another friend of ours, whom also happens to be our hairdresser. We were pretty tired, but it didn't stop us from lugging our new (and magnificent) Canon 5D over to Primrose Hill to film a video of the salon. (I'll link the video at the bottom)

So, onto the outfit! I originally was going to wear a jumpsuit from Aqua (which is gorgeous), but admittedly, it shows a little too much skin for a wedding (*mumble and my dad wouldn't let me wear it mumble*) SO when I saw this dress in a shop in Spain, it seemed to call 'WEDDING DRESS BINGO' to me.

My sister magically did my hair - it looks so professional, and considering it was her first attempt at any sort of up-do at all, it's bloody amazing.

Anyway, shall we move on to the photos? Me thinks so.

felt like a flamenco dancer in this one...

and here's the video: Lisa Hauck

Hope you like it!


Satellite Call

"This is so you'll know the sound; someone who loves you from the ground. Tonight, you're not alone at all. This is me, sending out my satellite call."

- Sara Bareilles

Another dress from the Mango haul I talked about in the last couple of posts. Not much to say here about the clothes...

...BUT exciting news regarding a victory of a bet. So, my dad bet my sister and I that we couldn't beat him together at a game of darts (around the clock). PSSHHHHTTTT. We practised darts for 2 hours straight, and guess what? WE BEAT HIM. He was just a little too proud and cocky, and so now, we're £2000 richer. Yup. 3 zeros there. We thought it was silly too, but there's no fighting with my dad when he's being a little arrogant... 

We plan to spend the money on a camera, one we can share together (as if we don't already share my Canon 60D) and use for awesome photo-shoots and stuff. Look out for our new projects. We've been brainstorming and the ideas, if I say so myself, sound frickin' insane. We're gonna get a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (yes, the beauty of household canon cameras). I've wanted this ever since I saw the mark II come out a few years ago, and finally, the dream is coming true.

ANYWAY, here are the photos of the outfit:

Until we meet again,


Vampire's Kiss

"I sail by the stars and the bloom is still on. Won't spend the day chasing a shadow when the shine is so strong... I wanna love you, I... wanna love you."

- John Gold

Another dress from the Mango sale - I'm such a sucker for anything backless, or something aesthetically pleasing in the back area. This dress was only €30 or something, which is great for Mango! 

I'm also trying out the middle parting. I'm liking it so far - when I get back to London, I'm thinking that I may cut my hair short (like, shoulder length), what with starting uni and all. I thought I'd change it up a bit and channel an Olivia Palermo look; abuse some sea salt spray and make my normally pin-straight hair more beach-wavey and tousled. I'M EXCITED :D

Anyway, Alex and I had tons of fun with these photos because the wind was on our side. There were so many good shots (thanks to Alex's brilliant photography) so I had to narrow it down, but there's still quite few I'm gonna post! Also, edited a few again in the style of Kastor&Pollux... Can't get over them. New style/lifestyle crush to add on to the pile!

Now, cue the photos:

taking a page from the Ray-Ban book - my own take on the Never Hide campaign :)

so much wind!

just being silly...

Hope you liked the look :)



"Let me paint a picture for you, then I’ll have to teach you to see it. Illustrate the remnants of the life I used to live here in Eden..."

- Sara Bareilles 

I went on a shopping trip to La Cañada, here in Spain. I bought a few things here and there, but the main haul was the Mango sale. ERMAHGERD IT WAS A RAID IF THERE EVER WAS ONE. Bought this metallic gunmetal-grey top and iridescent scaled skirt. I tried to make my make-up match the skirt - more of a night-club-going-out look rather than dinner with the family, but all good practice! 

I recently found this amazing fashion blog (Kastor & Pollux) so I edited a few of the photos in their style. I feel like I'm pretty much stealing their editing ideas... but imitation is the greatest form of flattery and all that jazz... right? I HOPE SO.

Cue photos:

Hope you liked the photos :)

Until next time, lovelies!


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