State of Grace [Acoustic]

"This is a state of grace. This is the worthwhile fight. Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right."

- Taylor Swift

This look was from about 2 weeks ago, but I went to Kavos in between (yes, Kavos. yes, I survived. yes, I actually had tons of fun.) so here it is now!

The weekend I took these was a jam-packed weekend. My sister and I had a wedding to go on the Sunday, but had booked to go to V Festival for the whole weekend. Luckily, we caught Beyoncé (my queen) on the Saturday night, and rushed over to the wedding on Sunday morning, where we filmed the whole ceremony and reception as a gift for the bride and groom (our very close family friends). I'll link the video some time soon - my sister and I are very proud of it!

Then on the Monday, we filmed a video for another friend of ours, whom also happens to be our hairdresser. We were pretty tired, but it didn't stop us from lugging our new (and magnificent) Canon 5D over to Primrose Hill to film a video of the salon. (I'll link the video at the bottom)

So, onto the outfit! I originally was going to wear a jumpsuit from Aqua (which is gorgeous), but admittedly, it shows a little too much skin for a wedding (*mumble and my dad wouldn't let me wear it mumble*) SO when I saw this dress in a shop in Spain, it seemed to call 'WEDDING DRESS BINGO' to me.

My sister magically did my hair - it looks so professional, and considering it was her first attempt at any sort of up-do at all, it's bloody amazing.

Anyway, shall we move on to the photos? Me thinks so.

felt like a flamenco dancer in this one...

and here's the video: Lisa Hauck

Hope you like it!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful dress :)

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