"I'm already out of foolproof ideas so don't ask me how to get started, it's all uncharted.' 

Uncharted by Sara Bareilles 

4th outfit of the summer (I've been trying to space them out so that I don't post tons now, and barely at all towards the end of summer...)

I love this dress - and, of course, it's from UO, my hometown. I also got this cool ear cuff from Topshop that's connected to a comb thing... Weird, but I like it!

Hype this on lookbook.nu if you have an account? :*

Catch you later :)

"No One Is As Lucky As Us..."

"...we're not at the end but, oh, we already won. Oh no, no one is as lucky as us. Now I've got a feeling if I sing this loud enough, you would sing it back to me..."

Where The Lines Overlap by Paramore 

3rd outfit of the summer :)

Top is from Topshop - bralets are really 'in' this season, as you probably already know, and Topshop went crazy with its stock of bralets, so I had to get one.

Skirt is from UO (LOVE dis place) - can't go wrong with a leather mini skirt! Especially if it's from UO...

Photography by my awesome sister, Alexandra Tsoi :)

See you soon

"Ain't Gotta Work"

^ another song by Hoodie Allen :)

Second outfit post of the summer - many more to come!

I bought the skirt aaaggesss ago in New York and actually haven't even worn it until now. Bad of me, I know...

My sister and I had a little trouble photographing this one, but I think it turned out alright. She's also been trying her hand at braiding my hair recently - looking pretty good at the moment! More practising over the summer...

Hope you're all having fun in your summers!
See you soon

"Top of the World"

^ song by Hoodie Allen (just discovered this guy, and I'm loving him.)

First outfit of the summer! I actually wore this a few days ago but only now got round to posting about it... Yeah, I procrastinate like that...

I'm in Spain con la familia at the moment so my outfits are going to be more summery and heat-orientated. I bought this dress in the Urban Outfitters sale - love it - and the necklace was a present but also from UO. The lipstick is a freebie Calvin Klein but I really like it - a really nice vibrant coral - very summery!

Anyways, I hope you like the photos - stay tuned for more :)

My lovely sister who is my regular photographer :) she will do great things... 

Go on over to my lookbook page and hype this for me? Pretty please? :)

Bye for now xx

Dusty Pink Spiders

Went to Westfield (aka one of my FAVOURITE places EVER) in London today - saw The Amazing Spiderman (for the 2nd time, mind you. Shup. I'm in love with Andrew Garfield. ['and his relationship with Emma Stone,' she adds begrudgingly.) and checked out the new UO that opened there recently. (My life is now complete. You see, before, the only thing annoying about Westfield, besides the trek, was that there was no UO or American Apparel. NOW they have a UO AND they're getting an AA. Life's grand, ain't it?)

I bought this dress at UO - saw it, tried it on, fell in love, done.
The back is actually connected, so there's no problem of the top riding up too much etc. GAH I just love it.

And here are some lovely pictures of Em and Andy. I've been loving Emma Stone's style A LOT lately - a big 'bravo' to Emma Stone's stylist. *applause* I especially love the very-low-v-dip neck of the almost-pantsuit-almost-jumpsuit she wore to one of the premieres - Elie Saab - very, VERY nice. (I want. but will never have.)

Until next time, my lovelies.

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