Vampire's Kiss

"I sail by the stars and the bloom is still on. Won't spend the day chasing a shadow when the shine is so strong... I wanna love you, I... wanna love you."

- John Gold

Another dress from the Mango sale - I'm such a sucker for anything backless, or something aesthetically pleasing in the back area. This dress was only €30 or something, which is great for Mango! 

I'm also trying out the middle parting. I'm liking it so far - when I get back to London, I'm thinking that I may cut my hair short (like, shoulder length), what with starting uni and all. I thought I'd change it up a bit and channel an Olivia Palermo look; abuse some sea salt spray and make my normally pin-straight hair more beach-wavey and tousled. I'M EXCITED :D

Anyway, Alex and I had tons of fun with these photos because the wind was on our side. There were so many good shots (thanks to Alex's brilliant photography) so I had to narrow it down, but there's still quite few I'm gonna post! Also, edited a few again in the style of Kastor&Pollux... Can't get over them. New style/lifestyle crush to add on to the pile!

Now, cue the photos:

taking a page from the Ray-Ban book - my own take on the Never Hide campaign :)

so much wind!

just being silly...

Hope you liked the look :)


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  1. Milex says:

    that's even better!

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