Wait For Me - Motopony

"Wait for me. I know it won't be easy. What a thing, to believe in a dream."

- Motopony

So it's been AGES. Sorry about that, but to be honest, it will most definitely happen again! 

It's finally summer here in London, and the sun is saying 'hello' from behind the clouds. It's a little shy, and cries rain sometimes, but it's getting more and more confident as the days go by :)

My sister and I took a little stroll in the park to get some ice cream, and decided to do a little lookbook whilst we were there.

There are a lot of photos this time - the light was just perfect and I couldn't cut the roll down as much as I usually do... Hope you like the photos anyway - check it out on lookbook if you can!

p.s. I studded the hat myself - hope it doesn't look too shabby!

I want to make a lot of the photo captions: 'why so serious...'

See you next time,


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