Interlude: Holiday

"Now I can move on to facing Big Girl problems, no more high school drama, graduated with honours."

- Paramore (my love and forever-hair-crush, Hayley Williams)

This dress is from my Zara haul I mentioned in my previous post - my mum and I saw it on Oxford Street but they didn't have my size, but HALLELUJAH they had it in the Spanish store here, AND it was on sale. YEAH BUDDY.

Again, my hair was done by the fabulous Lisa (for whom I'm making a new website for - it needed a little sprucing up!) so, as I've said before, if you need your hair/make-up done, go see her - you won't regret it!

I've mentioned earlier, but my sister is my wonderful photographer and partner in almost all camera-related things I do. If you have instagram, check out her profile - it's pretty awesome - she even has 1000+ followers to back her up. *cue ooohs and aaahs* 

Also, if you'd like something pretty for your eyes, I made a little video of a trip I took with a few of my friends to the countryside. Click here to watch it on vimeo :) 

Cue the photos:

Hope you liked the photos :)

See you next time,


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