Satellite Call

"This is so you'll know the sound; someone who loves you from the ground. Tonight, you're not alone at all. This is me, sending out my satellite call."

- Sara Bareilles

Another dress from the Mango haul I talked about in the last couple of posts. Not much to say here about the clothes...

...BUT exciting news regarding a victory of a bet. So, my dad bet my sister and I that we couldn't beat him together at a game of darts (around the clock). PSSHHHHTTTT. We practised darts for 2 hours straight, and guess what? WE BEAT HIM. He was just a little too proud and cocky, and so now, we're £2000 richer. Yup. 3 zeros there. We thought it was silly too, but there's no fighting with my dad when he's being a little arrogant... 

We plan to spend the money on a camera, one we can share together (as if we don't already share my Canon 60D) and use for awesome photo-shoots and stuff. Look out for our new projects. We've been brainstorming and the ideas, if I say so myself, sound frickin' insane. We're gonna get a Canon EOS 5D Mark III (yes, the beauty of household canon cameras). I've wanted this ever since I saw the mark II come out a few years ago, and finally, the dream is coming true.

ANYWAY, here are the photos of the outfit:

Until we meet again,


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  1. Izzy says:

    That dress is stunning, and I love these photos <3

    Cute to the Fashion

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