Taste My Sad - Bear//Face

Another look from the park shoot - it was freezing when I was trying to discreetly get changed... May or may not have flashed some passers by... ANYWAY *awkward turtle*. 

Here are just some photos from that shoot - shot by Alexandra Tsoi (as always). The shirt and necklace were new purchases from UO - I can't say enough how addicted I am to that place. If I stay in London for uni, I'm hoping to get a saturday job there or something - any kinds of discount would be OSSUM. Just waiting on the actual uni to respond though... Fingers crossed! :)

Things have been kinda rough personally recently, but the song title I've chosen for this look (Taste My Sad) doesn't actually reflect my mood - instead of trying to wallow in my sadness, I'm trying to keep positive and move forward - keep that in mind if you're going through a tough time too! Smile, keep your friends and family close, and keep your chin up :)

Anyway, on to the photos:

and I changed my header of my blog to this - hope you like it :)

Hope you enjoy this look - come check it out on lookbook if you have an account/get the chance!


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