So I went out shopping again, because I had some left over birthday monays, and bought some new nice things. :) The title is 'Luxurious' because I watched a clothesencounters video (if you don't know what that is, I direct you to this post) and Jen described her flowy white blouse as 'luxurious' so I thought it fit as the shirt I bought fits that description well.

The shirt is a white blouse that has a long asymmetrical draping back, with a racer back cutout - I love it so much. And the shorts are black sequined, and are tiny, for going out and wanting that extra little wow factor.

I would usually do up the top button of the blouse and add some cool necklaces, layering a few to get a cool vibe. Add a dark red lip, and you're set!

Talk to you guys soon :)

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