Zara Love

I love Zara. If I had more monays, I would buy out that shop. Srsly. I was in the airport a few weeks ago, on my way to America, and there was a Zara there that was much cheaper than normal due to the duty free-ness of airports - OH THE JOY. I bought this dress that I am IN LOVE with and I think I may wear it to this family and friends dinner thing this saturday. I'm excited.

I'd also quite like to get these shorts - I just adore the pattern - absolutely gorgeous. They'd go well with my sleeveless white shirt with a studded collar (Urban Outfitters), or my bright pink sleeveless shirt with little gold clips on the collar (Zara), topped off with my cropped(ish) black blazer (Zara) and some wedges.

I may post some photos of me actually in the dress, but knowing me, I probably won't get round to it... Damn my forgetful-ness, and can't-be-bothered-to-do-it-ness....

See ya soon, my lovelies :) 

[EDIT: this didn't post last Thursday, for some reason, so actually, the dinner's already happened etc. and I didn't take a picture of the dress, as I predicted... Oh well. Maybe next time [but probably not :P])

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