Chloe Moretz

I'm in love with this girl, AND her style. I first loved her in the film Kick Ass, also starring the yummy Aaron Johnson, and I recently saw her in Dark Shadows, with the ever-awesome Johnny Depp, which I also loved her in, even though the film as a whole didn't actually do much for me (but hey, just mah opinion). Check this girl out if ya don't know her - she's awesome - she seems like she would be an awesome friend as well!

in Stella McCartney

in Versus

in Christopher Kane

in Alexander McQueen

As always, the last one is my favourite - I mean, where can you go wrong with some McQueen? And I also want that chain belt... May have to do some DIY soon. ;)

Hope you all had a good day, and see you soon!

Shine, baby, shine. ∆

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