Swans and Seashells, Blazers and Beige

So I went shopping, like I said in my previous post, and here are my purchases:

The swan cropped bralet-y top and the seashell-y patterned maxi skirt are from Topshop, and the blazer and beige trousers are from Urban Oufitters.

The blazer and trousers go really well together, and so does the bralet and trousers, so I'm going to have fun mixing and matching! The skirt, I thought, was perfect for my next holiday (I leave on Saturday - Hola, España, ¿qué tal?) and I love the colours on it.

I had a £20 voucher for each shop, AND I used my student discount, so overall, I think I saved around £55, which is awesome.

If I get round to it, I may post me in these clothes, but ya know me, miss middle-name-is-procrastination....

See ya soon :)

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