Bandage pieces

So I have recently got some lovely pieces of clothing that come under the trend of 'bandage' - I had this school party thing to which I wore a dress from Guess that, in my opinion, could pass for an Hervé Léger dress. SCORE. And my mum also got me a tight cropped bandage top from French Connection that I fell in love with! Yay for mothers! I wore it to a family dinner thing - York & Albany has the most amazing pizzas. Go and omnomnom on dat shiz.

I have some photos, but not proper ones - may be if I ever start to actually carry out these shoots I keep promising... So all I have are disposables, photo booth prints and iPhone photos. Speaking of iPhones, I FRICKIN LOST MINE. Stupid me, I know. I FEEL SO LOST. GAH.


French Connection top (avec ma cousine)
Guess dress (you can kinda see it... but not really.)

I had such a great time at both events :)
Hope you enjoyed reading!

Shine, baby, shine.

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