Summer Love

"This just can't be Summer Love, you see..."

Love me a bit o' Justin T ;D

So since I haven't had any shoots recently, I thought I'd make a summer-y post of some images I found on good ol' weheartit (great image charing site - full of indie-as-hell photos). 

This is also a way to procrastinate revising for my exams... sshhh I'll work soon... hehe
At least once exams are done, Summer is just around the corner! Literally can't wait. Getting so impatient over here... Got some great plans :) 

Anyway, hope these images inspire you like they did me, and that they don't make you as depressed as they did me... ;)

• S O M E • S U M M E R • M E R R Y • R H Y T H M •

Thanks for reading :)


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