"Be Alright"

"Everything's gonna be alright." 

Be Alright by Justin Bieber (yes, I like Justin Bieber - playing to the asian teenage stereotype - but I can't help myself! SHUP.)

I was with my friend in a flat that she rents out in Spain for a few days and now I'm back with some more outfits! I had so much fun with her though and it was so nice to see her for a bit.

The peplum style top (peplum is soooo in right now, it's almost ridiculous... I am getting a TAD sick of it, to be honest....) is from Warehouse - bought by my mother (love ya, mummy :D).
Shorts are from Zara and the wedges (which I am in LUST with) are from UO - reduced from £80 to £50 to £20. It was fate, I tell you, FATE.)

Thanks for looking :)

Shine, baby, shine.

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