"Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart. Wake up to the sound of your fleeting heart. When you go what you leave is a work of art, on my chest on my heart..."

Featherstone by Paper Kites

I'm leaving Spain on Sunday so this is the penultimate spanish post! I'm looking forward to going home, back to London - 6 weeks is enough... But I'll be back next year, most probably! I'm gonna miss the food the most. Definitely.

Right, so, I'm feeling the earring/necklace (aka an 'earlace') even though some people did think I was just wearing blingy headphones....
I love the pattern on the skirt (Topshop) - reminds me of seashells - I've posted about it before when I bought it. :)

Me being silly because the wind made the skirt look like harem pants/a nappy...

See y'all soon :)

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