And here we go again...

So, I am TERRIBLE at this blogging thing. I've tried so many times, it's unbelievable. It's not that my blog is bad... (though that's up for debate) it's just that I don't have the freakin' time!

I'm currently doing my AS levels here in sunny (sarcasm [you'll find out I use it a lot. Yes, I am the lowest form of wit, I know.) London, England. That's equivalent to a senior in America, I think. (I'm in love with America btw - love me a juicy crunch of that Big Apple). So, I have TONS OF WORK. Work that I shall continue to complain about, frequently, just to give a heads up.

ANYWAYS, I am going to be cliché and stereotypical, and say I love fashion, and art, and design, and everything inbetween. I'd love to do an art foundation course here in England after I finish school - heading for the magazine route? I hope so.

I'll probably be posting regular blog-y things: my outfits, new purchases, nail art, make-up (all from yours truly, of course), but also things I'm interested in, or have recently fangasmed over, such as books, youtube clips, various photos I've taken, excursions with friends and fam, antics with my sister (we're super close, and super weird together. Seriously, put us in a room together alone, and we will end up hysterically laughing every time.), ya know, da ush (the beginning of 'usually'... don't really know how to spell that properly...).
I may even post thing about my personal life... leaving everyone anonymous, of course, with letters as names? I dunno, still unsure about that. My life is so boring right now. (*desperation for a boyfriend peeking out...* GET BACK IN THERE YOU MONSTER.)

Hopefully this blog will be more successful than before... I wanna make it look pweettyyy too... I'm not familiar with this format, so bear with me, if you're still here! I hope to entertain/amuse/'make you feel better your life isn't mine' with my life, aaaand... yeah. I suck with outros. Like charlieissocoollike. (If you don't know who that is, go youtube it. Serious love for that boy. Lives near me too. *ponders stalking probability...* No, no, no, too weird.... Or is it? O.o)

And, before we end, I must say.... Shine, baby, shine. *waves goodbye* but see you soon, hopefully! ∆

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